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Goldseek Radio Listener Feedback:


(Please remember & Staff make this show possible)

2005-2008 Listener Feedback:

A heartfelt thank you

Dear Chris

I've been listening from the UK to your radio programme now for over a year and always find it informative and amusing with those silly but wonderful spot effects you use to cheer us with the weekly news!

I'm a single mother who struggled out of debt for the first time in 2006
after 8 years of it, and who then inherited a modest property in 2006, sold it and bought 20% gold and 80% silver with the funds, entirely because of your programme. At the time I was told I was crazy to sell the property and buy precious metal but look at me now!

I'd like to thank you, along with my young son, so very much for your humour and your wonderful banter with Bob Chapman. You are both remarkable people and are truly unsung heroes for us listeners. After struggling out of debt, at last my son and I are able to raise our heads with a future to look forward to.

Thank you.


Hey Chris and Bob,

I love the show and the websites, read every day and listen every week.
I have two questions:

1) From all the commentary over the last few months, I've gotten the
impression that the Fed is almost deliberately attempting to destroy
the dollar. Creating bubbles upon bubbles to set up for recession or
depression, then inflating the recessions away...but waiting until
the last minute to do so (staying "behind the curve") so that the
cash infusions have to be larger as they are emergency responses.

In other words, if we were to think of the most inflationary policy
imaginable without letting it look deliberate, we would arrive at
the current Fed policy as exemplified by their actions over the years.
Is there any merit to this idea?

2) Do you have any special advice for investing in precious metals in
Japan as the dollar collapses? The yen hits and the carry trade seem
to obfuscate the issue and I was wondering if you could tell me
if any of the general recommendations for US investors would be different
for those in Japan.

Thank you very much and best of luck with the show!


Jason D.


Dear Chris,

Love the show. Recently donated to help the cause. look forward to the
broadcast each weekend.

Will you invite Bill Ried from GORO back to finish up the interview that you did with him about five weeks ago. I seem to remember that he was cut short and that you said that he would be invited back soon.

Keep up the great work.

Allan Lake Worth, FL



Thanks for putting on a rocking great show, your take-no-prisoners
commentary and excellent advise. I don't know who on your team came up with the Apocalypse Now Wagner theme for the Bernanke spoof, it's a riot. I go into mad laughing fits every time you play it (key track!!!!).

I'm in Hong Kong and have been invested in gold since hearing a Jimmy Rogers presentation on Bloomberg a few years back. I started my research and stumbled across your fine radio program just as you were launching. Been an avid listener ever since.

Thanks for an excellent show and the priceless insights and keep at it.

Bob in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hello Chris,

I really enjoy your program it is always an eye opener. I am also a big fan of Bob Chapman do say hello for me. Being late to the money game I am working to dollar cost average in investing. I am no where near your big time investors. I was just wondering what you would suggest to someone that is not totally drowning in debt. After listening to your show for several years and watching what you and your guests have stated is coming true.

I work to pay about 5-10% on my debt monthly and of course regular bills and misc. I figure I can at the least put $50 (fiat) dollars a week towards something. I will be buying what I can in silver rounds and eventually gold rounds. My question is how can I put this money into small juniors or minors as it takes more than I currently posses to open up a real account.

I took yours and Bob's advice and did stock up on goods. I now buy at least 3-6 month supplies and keep things stored. I believe you and Jim Puplava are right things are going to get very very bad soon. I have told my friends (who are willing to listen) about your shows and advised them to listen in an take more caution with their finances.

How can the little guy invest? What is your opinion on (so called) penny stocks. Where can us below middle class persons go with our funds after we have paid on debts, bills, small saving/401 K's and have a few dollars to invest. Again a great show at a most important time in American history. God Bless.

Thank you,


Hi Chris,

I love the show and I particularly like the guitar piece that you play
every week. What is the name of it and who is the artist.

Thanks so much,

Leslie G.



Your show is awesome..I listen every week!

Glenn F.


Hi Chris,

Love the show. Please send stock picks info.




Hi Chris,

Just wanted you to know that I listen to your Saturday program every
week and enjoy it.

Dennis J.

Great interview, would appreciate a copy of the book


Dom DeMasi


Please sign me up to news alerts, stock picks, etc. from Goldseek radio. Love the show.


Marcus D.


Great show every week Thank You.... You guys kick #@!

Kyle N.


Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciate your show with Bob C. agreat deal. The analysis you provide together is some of the best I've heard on radio in quite a while. It is honest and gives us a look at what is really going on.

Thanks again and all the best to you and yours.

Mark R.


Please add me to your subscription list for the weekly "Spotlight Pick Report". Enjoy your show!

Thank you,

Ed P.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your very insightful program. i dont miss a single week. Ireside in new zealand. i have invested in gold coins here. I would also like to get into silver as well. However silver coins and bullion have a very high markup in this country up to 30% comparing to 6% for gold. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful




You guys are doing an amazing job. Please keep up the terrific work...

Thanks again,

Luck L.


Great show, and keep up the
good work!

Lori C.


I like your show very much, and would like to be on your stock pick list. I enjoy your guest Bob Chapman also.


Tom Farrell


I am very impressed with your stock performance especially in this very choppy market. Please email me more details as... Love your presentations

Hharry toulch



I realy like Chris' gold / finance show.
I also realy like the Flamenco quitar clips.
Would you please share with me the sources --
( albums or artists )

Thank you.

Lance L.


Love the show and would love to receive your free news letter please sign me up.

Many Thanks,

Stan S.

Dear Chris,

This last show was marvelous. You mentioned a couple items that I would like to learn more about. Could you please provide some kind of hyperlink to a story on:

“Tent villages” in Ontario, CA.
“Jingle Mail” increasing in magnitude

I have been wondering when we might see these occurrences, but haven’t been able to track them down like you have.

I love the quote from Charles Mackay,



Dear GSR,

Thank you for your show...
Happy New Year!

Best regards,



Thank You and love the show especially Bob Chapman's comments.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Your show is very informative in terms covering the major events before they are reported in the mainstream media such as the Mortgage Crisis.
I remember you having a special guest by the name of Greg Mccoach on your program earlier this year before the housing crisis was reported by the main stream media as a true "crisis". I would like to see him as a guest again sometime if possible.




Dear Chris,

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and very happy, health and prosperous 2008.

Thank you so much for answering all my questions throughout the year and a very special thank you for mailing me a copy of 'Confession of an Economic Hit Man' and a silver quarter. Your GORO suggestion last weekend on air was very welcomed and appreciated, but the security is traded over-the-counter. I was hoping you would have recommend a TSX listing. If you happen to know of one, please let me know.

You do a great job on the radio. I had been occupied with up to three financial programs every weekend until I came across yours. It is succinct, thorough, helpful, educational and always humorous. I really like the music during the program and would suggest credits for the artists as I really like some the songs you play. Goldseek is fantastic. Kudos to all those involved with its production.

Warm regards,

Zafiri G.



I listen to your show every week. when you speak on the "6 picks" could you please give the symbols so that we can follow along.





I have listened to your program for about the last two years. You provide such quality guests that I feel you need to be congratulated and your efforts supported into the future.

Your program is the top of my list for financial talk radio.

Great work!


Alberta, Canada


Thank you very much !

Happy Holidays


Hi Chris,

Great show last week. Thanks for the entry and exit point analysis on gold - silver. Your experienced evaluation of the charts is greatly appreciated.

I have been making a $10 per month donation...




Hi Chris,

I love your show, you do a great job every week. My question is: when gold goes ballistic and hits the $1000's, $2000's, $3000's, what would you invest in?

Keep up the good work,

Jennifer M. in Montreal


Hi Chris,

I want to thank you for all your contributions to the community. I never fail to listen to the weekly radio, even though I can't seem to get the automatic download from iTunes.




Dear Chris,

If you could chose only one junior gold producer or emerging junior producer from the TSX/TSXV which one would it be?

Love the show.


Zafiri & Cristina



Why do you think the microcap silver/gold stocks are dragging their feet lately as gold holds strong at close to the $800 level and silver continues to appreciate?

Thanks and I love the show,

Happy Holidays,

Steve from Boston



Just a compliment on your choice of music. The Spanish guitar music played in the first 4 min. and 6 min. of this weeks show is one of my favorite songs, listen for it every week. You and Bob please keep on doing what your doin'.


Randy - Peterborough, Ontario


Hi Chris,

Great show and thanks for all your efforts. I've been listening for a while and just gotta tell you that I love the instrumentals that you've incorporated into the show recently. Could you please tell me more about the music such as the name of the author, song title(s) or album name. I would like to get my own copy.


Tom McCarthy


Hi guys - love your show, and I look forward to your Q&A every week
- just a quick question - any advice on how to create an income for my portfolio from the gold and silver sector?
I only have 2 ideas
1. write covered calls (but then risk getting stocks called away)
2. sell a portion of the portfolio monthly (say 1 %), and as long as the rest of the portfolio makes over 12% a year, the portfolio will still grow (kind of likea systematic withdrawal program)

Any comments would be greatly appreciated,

Lori in Canada

Love the show

Best regards

Swedish listener living in Stockholm who wishes to remain anonymous


Hello Chris,

Thanks for all of your had work with the goldseek show. In the midst of all the media hype and noise out there, your show is a breath of fresh air and are a patron of good work.


Deon N.

Hi Chris

Love your shows. I have a simple question: I am lead to believe that
there is more gold than silver. If that is true then silver is more rare
than gold. Why is the value of silver way lower, per ounce, than that of
gold? I just don't understand and hopefully you can shed some light on
this for me. Please keep up the good work in helping us stay informed.

Duane L.


Dear Chris and Bob,
Thank you so much for addressing my query on this week's show. Really, I don't wish to take-up any further of your valuable time however, the inclusion of gold taels as 'currency' option on our HSBC multi-currency account (USD; GBP; AUD etc.) is, I guess, to reflect traditional local appeal..........I note Bob's advice regarding bank diversification away from HSBC which is well received.
Kind regards to you both and many more birdies and eagles to Bob!




I'm not sure that you realize the magnitude of the service your
radio show provides. Bob Chapman should always remain a weekly guest. I appreciate you so much, your wisdom and advise is liberating me and my family from financial bondage. With your service and dedication I'm sure your carving out a very nice home in Heaven.

Thanks with all my heart and may God bless you,
your loved ones and all you put your hands to.




My name is Don. I listen to your show every week and would not miss it for anything...

Don from Travelers Rest, SC


Thanks for your time;

you guys have a great show!




I really appreciate your show and have learned, and am learning, so much from you and your guests.

Thank you and good luck with your show. I listen faithfully every week.

John L.

Hi Chris,

I am from down under, kiwi not aussie lol. i am just writing to let you know that you come up with a brilliant show every week and i am a eager listener. i dont miss a week. keep up your very important work
thanks in advance.



Thanks for your incredibly useful show, which is in my humble opinion one of the best financial analysis internet radio program on this planet, nothing less !

Many many thanks !

Jules C.


Hi Chris,

What a great show! I was a little skeptical when you first started out but now I’m an ardent listener. Your show and Jim Puplava’s are the best by far, and I’ve been all over the net looking. Look forward to your comments and keep up the Great Show! You and Bob are a great team

Best Regards

Monty K.


Hi guys. Your new section on specific listener stock picks and comments is probably the most practical information offered on financial radio. Many thanks for your new offering.

Carlo & Lori Bussani

I have alot of respect for people like Peter Spina, Chris Waltzek, and Bob Chapman. Their picks have been spot on for the most part.



I have been a fan for a while and really enjoy your show. I have been
trying to find the songs that your bumper music is from. Who is the artist
or musician that plays your guitar music.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to answer my silly question.

Chris B


Love both You and Bob C



I listen to your show
every week. Keep up the good work.

Michael A.


Hi Chris,

Love your shows. curious to know who produces GSR. i mean the
technicles not the content. do you have your own engineers do the mix and put the show together or are you associated a network?

happy holidays



Hi Chris,

I must say ....

Tuning in to GoldSeek Radio is a must for anyone who wants to see through all the everyday fuzz, smoke, and mirrors surrounding markets, inflation, paper money and gold. .... and the music is great too!

Many thanks

Nick S.
Aspex Software



Hi Chris and Bob - Robert from Canada here -
love your show - regular listener - learning lots


Thanks for such a great program. I listen to you faithfully each

Best regards,

Katherine/Seattle, WA


Spasiba to you, dear Sir,

It's a great pleasure listening your programs.
You are the one of very few smart people on this planet willing to grant us with the freedom of mind as apposed to taking freedom from us.
Believe me there are many people here in Russia sharing the same NON-MAINSTREAM-MEDIA views on the world as a whole and worlds economics in particular.

Thanx a lot for what you are doing to all of us.
Sincerely yours

Thanks for a great show Chris, I picked up the your Radio show a
couple of months ago and I'm amazed how well you and your guests predict the market development...

Love your show/Henrik H., Stockholm, Sweden


Hi Chris,

Love your show. I am only recently acquainted with it. Thought you would like to know I'm a listener from Australia. I now listen without fail weekly by podcast. Keep up the good work. Your line up of guests is educational; Bob Chapman is always informative.

All the best for your future endeavours!

David Un.



Chris and Bob, thanks for all the great info every week...


Redwood City, CA


Great radio and thanks!





Love the show! Please keep up the important work...

Many thanks!

Ron in SoCal


Hello Mr. Waltzek,

Great radio show! I especially enjoy your humor and straight forwardness format...


Deon N.


Dear Sir,

I would like to register for your verry interesting newsletter about gold stocks.

Thank you and kind regards

Eric W. from germany



I love your show, I love your style, I forward to dozens of my friends

I post your interviews all over the net on Forums like Kitco gold is money

My blog (which has been picked up by ,, under axstone

Google .. “axstone goldseek”. You will get the idea





Dear Chris.

Great interview with Jim Sinclair.. over the top.. what I really liked was
the personal stories you got into his past , I appreciate that you got down to that level with him instead of just gold where to know and why..

I think the man is a Living legend.. Show me someone who is more
knowledgeable in Gold / Precious metals currencies and world politics and has the Trading skills to boot. HE IS THE MAN..

It was amazing

Thanks for all you do Chris..

Alex S.



I love your program, and wish to get put on your newsletter email distribution list.

I also plan to contribute to Gold Seek Radio very soon.

Thanks and all the best to you.

Paul G.



May I please sign up for your Spotlight Picks Newsletter.

Great show!

Richard B.


Hi Chris,

I have been enjoying your show for several weeks now. Bob Chapman is great. I have been following Bill Murphy, Jim Sinclair and Jim Puplava for several years.

I moved from Kansas City to just south of the Canadian border in Blaine, WA (Vancouver, BC) to keep an eye on some of the junior mining companies and to attend the Vancouver resource shows. I caught part of Peter Spina's discussion at The Silver Summit.

I am making a $120 contribution to GSR.

Great show, and I look forward to listening to you, Robert and Bob on a weekly basis. Also, put me on the list for your free stock picks email.

Edward C.


Love GSR and listen every week from Australia via the web.


David D.



Things are moving forward and looking great! Next year should be much better than the last one.



Hi Chris,

Love Your show with Mr. Bob Chapman ( I just subscribed to his newsletter a month ago, two years late…) and I listen every week. My name is Randy from North East of Toronto, Ontario

Thank you and I would like Your GSR’s 3 Picks Newletter subscription. Thanks You Two….

Randy H.


Howya Chris? I hope all is well. I knew when you recommended oil at $50, surely that USO ETF was a lock! I was thinking the same thing at the time also. Has to be the best one I've ever heard of apart from PM's. I didn't partake but would have if I could...Its a bit shocking listening to the show lately but its class stuff, if the USA experiences hyperinflation, then as I've always said, surely, americans will be flocking to get out of here or else, they'll be chaos. Where will they go is the question? Is this country completely fuc*ed or what? I don't know what to think lately...I just own the juniors at the moment..850 and they'll go way up hopefully...Wouldn't mind buying some gold coins or something with a few hundred now and again when I get some cash together

Take it easy

Collie from Ireland


Thanks for your show. I really enjoy listening.

Jordan S.


I really enjoy you radio show.

Thanks so much.

John F.


Love you show.

Steven Y.


Hello Chris:

I heard you on the radio here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I really
enjoyed you touching on the "smaller investors" out there; that is,
those without too much expendable cash.





I enjoy hearing your weekly radio show and would like your free gold picks. I have little geology experience. My precious metal miners include: Avino, Silvercrest, Halo resources, Colombia Goldfields, Canarc, Acereo Martin, Seabridge Resources, X-cal resources, Excellon, Tumi resources, Vista gold, Max resources, and Goldrea. Many pro's in the sector haven't even heard of half of these miners......that scares me that maybe I have too many small explorers. Thanks for all you do....looking forward to your picks.

Jim B.


Hi Chris,

Great show, pleasure and very educating listening to you. Please put me on the newsletter mailing list.

Thank you!



Great show.

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Robert S.


Dear Chris

I’m a subscriber to from Norway.

That listen to Goldseeakradio on my Sunday mornings

Best Regards

Mikael S.


Chris, I very much enjoy your weekly radio show and look forward to it each weekend. I want to thank you for helping open my eyes to the true picture that most people are not aware of.

Thank you again!

Tony and Anastasiya L.


Great show by the way... I came across it after reading a book
published in the UK by Jim Mellon called 'Wake Up'.

Thanks again



Thank you for your great audio programs. I enjoy being educated on our
economic status. The regular commerical media does not cover economic news such as the Dollar Index decline and its significance.

Ken S.



Thanks for the great show. I listen to it every weekend. I have been investing in gold coins, precious metal mutual funds and some large cap gold stocks for years.

Bob M.




Please add me to the email list for the 3 stock picks and newsletter. I love the radio show....plenty of great information.

Thank you,

Mark F.

Reading, PA



To Hear Alan in Vancouver: Click Here!


Hi Chris,

Did you check your GSR Spotlight Pick PWI lately? 30% up.
I want to say - GOOD JOB :)



08:10AM ET Saturday, September 29, 2007. Section: Daily Dispatches

11:10a ET Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GoldSeek radio's Chris Waltzek the other day interviewed U.S. Rep Ron Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and got him to remark a bit about his ideas to restore gold as currency circulating in parallel with paper U.S. dollars. You can listen to the interview here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


Hey Chris,

I love the program I am a business consultant from California working in Washington DC. I used to be a heavy wall street trader a couple years ago the party ended on the "Dot Bomb" blow up (I didn't loose much though). That was my wake up call over time the economy rolled into the housing bubble and I never understood it why people lost there minds?

Now it all makes sense - since last year I've been accumulating Gold & Silver hand over fist as fast as I can - sold allot of wall street paper and getting solidly positioned.

Eye on the Prize
Thanks for the great program for exposing all the Ponzi schemes. It's such a shame it only took 30 years to run the country into the ground. I've been trying to educate people but 80% don't get it? They are all in la la land. I'm focused and know what is coming thanks to GSR we are of like mind.

Super BOB!
Love it I think you make a great commentary team. I love the humor of the show and so funny how the key stone cops of wall street create such a humorous show. Even the under tone is serious I love the light heartedness almost celebratory music you inject into the 2 hour show. For those of us prepared - we aren't panicked and know what is happening and what is to come.... I am very relaxed but accumulating very quickly. It's great musical chair music we dance too but we all know a day will come when the music will stop.... thanks for helping us stay ready!

Chris's News Letter
Please add me to your free news letter, I also plan to join the international forecaster's newsletter. I like Bob's deep insight and after many weeks of hearing his position, I absolutely agree.

Shockingly Fast?
The housing implosion happened so fast this summer and so unexpected - but the ice was thin and we all knew it. I expected the collapse but was hoping for next year to accumulate more before it started. Now we are on the slippery slope and the market is moving fast. I'm sure many hedge fund managers feel off there boats in shock when on vacation to collapsing markets this summer...... it sure shocked me at the speed even expecting it.

Bullion buys/Numismatic
Send me info on any program you plan to roll out, I buy weekly from dealers and attend many local coin shows I'm always buying. Mainly I'm a bullion guy, but buy lots of junk silver and some numismatics for fun too.

Best Production
Keep the show informative, funny entertaining and cutting edge. The Internet is the only true source for real news. Financial news is normally dry and can be boring at times - I don't listen to the show I study it! I listen several times all week long to the show and study the markets activity. To me it's fun like monopoly among other things making money can be fun and I love the show that helps entertain, inform and current on events.

Thanks Art E.

PS - I'll also send some money in as support I barely had time to write this email but appreciate all the efforts and production.


Just wanted to say I loved your internet radio show. I have listened for the last 6 weeks and thought the show was so good that I included a link
back to your radio internet site in my internet signature that I use when posting the articles I write on the internet.

Don H.


I can't imagine the show getting any better. But, you always surprise us.

I love the new high speed downloads. What a difference they make. Also, the new addition of listening to the entire show is good. I'm taking a course at our local University and I can use their language labs to listen to the entire program in one sitting.

And last, the Spanish guitar music is fabulous. Is it from a CD? Can you provide the name and player?


Please don't take any vacations!!!!

Judi T.

Dear Chris,

First I want to thank you for your show. I live in Karlsruhe Germany and each Sunday morning as I get up to start my day with my first coffee, I turn
on the Internet and listen to both segments of your show. Please tell Mr. Chapman I especially like his weekly input as well.

I also read Mr. Starkeys analysis below and found it highly interesting. I don't recall he was ever on your great show. Any chance you could get him?

Once again, many, many thanks for a truly fantastic show.

Best regards,


Dear Chris,

Your show is a fabulous service. Thank you and your team for your selfless hard work and making it a great all-round production. I listen to your show each week from Perth in Western Australia, where the local
economy is driven by the booming mining sector. As a consequence real estate has risen on average around 40% per annum since 2001. It is now at such levels that house prices are over eight times the median household income. It is in the top eleven most expensive real estate markets in the world. I understand that the inevitable rise in Australian interest rates will cool this crazy market but as interest rates and commodities historically rise together, it will also create more demand for local real estate as people migrate to the area to
participate in the booming mining industry.

Thank you for insight into this conundrum.

Best Wishes to you and Sir Bob

Michael C.

Love your radio show. It's a highlight of my weekend. Keep up the great work. Please include me on your email list.




I just heard the GoldSeek Radio program for the first time this weekend and really found it to be helpful in my quest to gather a variety of views on gold/silver and the miners.....Please add me to your free mailing list of ideas and updates mentioned during the first hour......

Thank you......

George T.

Congratulations on the success of your show---I make a point to listen each week---great guests, too.

Greg S.


Hello and thank you very much for the excellent
content. Could you please email me with the name of
the broker mentioned regarding the 2-4% interest?
Could you also please add me to the mailing list for
the stock tips?

Thanks in advance.

Have a great day!

Patrick J.

Chris, I was listening to your last weekly interview with Bob and wanted the link to the site where I could get some junk silver rolls . I enjoy your weekly commentary, keep up the good work.


David C.

I always look forward to your show. If above available, appreciate it. The quality of your show, guests and discussions is always high. Thanks for your work.

--Greg S.

I absolutely loved the history of money and Federal Reserve segment on your radio show. Is there a video that accompanies that, or some means I
could get a copy of that piece?

Thank you.

Geoff G.

I love it. I just found you all. Please send ETF's for Carry trade... Gonna send out your URL to two friends right now. THANKS and I'll join the fight for internet radio.

Ed B.

Dear Chris,

...I enjoy your show. Keep up the good work.

Doug L.

Thanks and LOVE the show

Richie M. - Joshua Tree California

Love the radio show...

Keep up the good work.

Pat A.

I really enjoy this show.
It's one of a few shows I advise people to listen to.




Hi Chris...........I enjoy your show each week. What is the name of the CD you are playing last week and this, with just guitar instrumentation. I've got to get it. Very relaxing..........

From a Loyal Listener

Ron A.
Celina, OH

Chris, do you ever make it up to Vancouver, Canada? If you ever do, would you have a moment to meet up? I am a fan of your radio broadcast and really enjoy learning from you and your guests. Keep up the splendid work.

All the best,

Hi Chris,

...thank you, Merci

p.s. I listen to you on the internet.
You're great!!!


I listen to your radio show each week. Keep up the good work.I wanted to tell you about a scam I picked up from your scam alert. I use Schwab as my discount broker. After hearing your scam alert I checked with my broker to see what I was getting in interest on my cash balances. You guessed it: 2.5%.

Thanks for the tip.

Doug Light

Hi Chris,

Thanks, I really appreciate your show,



Great show on Saturday, especially John Perkins part one presentation on Corporate-Ocracy. Is an audio tape or cd available. If that's true, please send me an email of the cost and I will send a check. I would like to receive the entire presentation. Keep up the good work and research you always do to entertain this "Gold Bug"......

Bob S.

Hi Chris,

You have a great show, and I listen to it every week. I always pay especially close attention to your gold market weatherman report, which I find very helpful and educational since I also spent a lot of time looking
at charts. Anyway, please add me to your email list.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Danny Merkel.

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much.



Have been a regular listener to your broadcasts for some time and I certainly appreciate all the effort put into them. The range of guests have been very informative and offer a healthy perspective to that of everyday media news.

Thank you,

Dennis T.

Please ad me to your email list. Thanks for a great show.

Mel K.

Hello Chris,

I love the weekly reviews. Thanks for all the great information and guest interviews. I especially look forward to Bob Chapman and your personal insights/analysis. For several weeks now I've been meaning to ask the name of the musician and song title for that nice interlude music with the spanish sounding guitar. Seems like I first started hearing it on your program about a month ago or so. It's used on this week's current 1st hour show for March 3rd. I would love to find that music album - it's so relaxing and kind of has a magical sound. Since there are no words, I cannot do an internet search to find the song title.

Thanks again for the your excellent program. I've
learned so much and have come to rely on it.


Aaron B.

Hello Chris

I have been a listener to your radio shows for quite some time now and enjoy them very much. About two weeks ago you had mentioned that you
have a list of bullion dealers that will accept payment with a credit card. Can you please email me the dealer(s). Also I hope you have personally used them and they are reputable. Please keep up the
excellent work and I wish you much success.


Muhammad A.

From Oklahoma


I live in the UK. At this current point in time, it appears that the US housing market is in decline and that the US economy is about to go into recession. However, here in the UK, the housing market is still inflating and the economy appears to be doing very well. This puzzles me somewhat since both economies have similar problems. Inflating money
supply, balance of payments, consumer debt and so on.

P.S. Great show. I listen to it every week.

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Jaime H.


Great show as always. During the radio program interludes a classical guitarist often plays. Is it possible to obtain the name of the artist and their CD title.

Thank you.

David K.

I think you did a great job for providing listeners with valuable information. Many thanks.

--Jerry L.

I love your radio shows, and was enthralled by the bumper music in between segments on Part One of your 3/17/07 broadcast. Could you please tell me the artist/album? You guys are doing a wonderful job.

Bernie A.


As per your show, i would like more information regarding the carry trade ETF that you were on about.

Thanks for an informative broadcast,


Hi Chris,

Any chance that you can interview Jim Sinclair some time soon? Jim is forecasting 2007-2008 as really big years for gold. Love the show thanks.

Simon G.
Brisbane Australia

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for mailing out the book, 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man'. I received it today.

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Dave H.,

...thanks and keep up the good work.

Richard O.
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Man - the show sounds so much more professional and polished from a year ago - you'd hardly ever know it was the same show!

Gary & Justice sound great together...........Bob is still the highlight of my weekend listening .....and everything else sounded sensational!

And thanks for answering my question - I have moments I wonder if I shouldn't take my profits in platinum (I bought at $380) and sell, moving it into gold and silver.........but I have all three so, based on what I heard, I'll sit on my platinum for a while!

Thanks again!

Mr. Ho

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Jack C.

Chris, yeah great... we're heading into winter now, thank god, as it's been a real belter of a summer.

Work's been going flat out, busier than ever (I work for a large engineering consultancy that makes gold plants for the barrick's and newmonts, among others - and we can't employ enough)...

I'm going good. Still building my core position, mostly amongst the semi-numismatics and have done really well... I'm also building a strong silver position. I feel it's a little more risky, but at current prices it's a steal. The only problem is finding enough space to store it all.

Otherwise not too much else to report I suppose.

Talk to you soon.

Andrew M.


Thank you for airing my question last week regarding gold and silver bullion outlook. Here in Sarasota, one of the highest "per capita" areas in all of Florida we are already experiencing a 30-40% drop is real estate values. There has been much overbuilding of mutli-million dollar hi-rise condo apartments and of the initial sales of these apartments several years ago, about 70% ownership were by "flippers" and currently these buildings are virtually vacant and stories now appearing in the news of recent buyers forfeiting their 25% down payments rather than close.
Never miss your show.

Howard G.
Sarasora, Florida

Love your show.

Hiram O.

I've started listening to your radio show and enjoy it...
I am looking forward to your interview with Harry Schultz........

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Just a note to say that I love the show, and keep it up! I'm a graduate student at UCLA in Art History, and my wife and I are entirely invested in gold and silver stocks, mostly juniors. So, keep up the great work! I love your work, love Bob Chapman, Zapata George is great, of course. Faber is invariably the best
guest. Thanks.

Anyway, please keep it up. I've a devoted listener.



Great show!

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-- I love the show. Your regular guests are great and I like to hear what they all have to say.

Kevin M.

Also, what your thoughts on uranium stocks in general (since you can't purchase uranium outright)?


avid listener


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I really enjoy your interviews...

Thanks Ed T.

Good evening Chris,

I have listened to the interview with Antonia Juhasz and Ellen Augustine several times and can not argue with any of the problems and
injustice being done by the corporate and banking institutions worldwide.... Thank you for the
chance to rant and I do appreciate your hard work.

Larry A.

Hi Chris and Bob,

Great show! Thanks for all your time and effort
in providing such a wonderful service.

Thanks for your time,

Best Wishes,
(East Florida, USA)

Hi Chris,

There are a few stocks you and Bob Chapman have recommended that are on the
Canadian Stock Exchange, specifically Chrystalllex and Rainy River. What is the difference between buying Chrstallex on the Canadian Stock Exchange or
on the American Stock Exchange. Is there a benefit? I trade with Scottrade and I have to pay a broker's fee in order to buy Canadian stocks and I want
to know if it's worth it.

Lya K.

P.S. I love your show and please add me to your free e-mail list.


Love you program. A great change from the conventional news sources.
.. I do have one very tough question for you. Who is the artist that plays the lovely guitar music that you use as bumper music?

Sandy Vaello


I really enjoy the goldseek radio show each week and find it very useful.

Keep up the good work,

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Enjoy your show. Just wondering what is the name of the Spanish guitar/instrumental song/album that you play on your show ?



2006 Listener Feedback:

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your excellent weekly program! I've come to rely on it. I especially like Bob Chapman's insights and yours. I've been wondering for weeks now the name of the musician and song and/or album title that you started playing a month or so ago. It has a (Spanish sounding) guitar and sounds very relaxing and magical. It's played again in this week's 1st Hour March 3rd program a couple of times (it plays about 6 minutes 45 seconds into the 1st hour, and again at 12 min 45 seconds). I would love to find out who plays this piece and would appreciate any information you might have. Thanks again for such a great program.



Dear Chris,

First I want to thank you for your show. I live in Karlsruhe Germany and each Sunday morning as I get up to start my day with my first coffee, I turn on the Internet and listen to both segments of your show. Please tell Mr.Chapman I especially like his weekly input as well. Once again, many, many thanks for a truly fantastic show.

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Thanks again for the your excellent program. I've
learned so much and have come to rely on it.




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Great show on Saturday, especially John Perkins part one presentation on Corporate-Ocracy... Keep up the good work and research you always do to entertain this "Gold Bug"......

Bob S.

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I just heard the broadcast from 1-24-07 and enjoyed the format and information..

Ron J.
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I enjoy your show each week. What is the name of the CD you are playing last week and this, with just guitar instrumentation. I've got to get it. Very relaxing..........


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I was listening to your last weekly interview with Bob and wanted the link to the site where I could get some junk silver rolls . I enjoy your weekly commentary, keep up the good work.


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content. Have a great day!


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Congratulating on the success of your show---I make a point to listen each week---great guests, too. As a N.C. native, now flung west to Oklahoma, I am interested to hear you have been making some of your broadcasts (at least in the summer) from Cashiers---hope you are able to continue there in the midst of those mountains.

--Greg S.

I just heard the GoldSeek Radio program for the first time this weekend and really found it to be helpful in my quest to gather a variety of outlooks on gold/silver and the miners.....

Thank you.....

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I love your show...



I look forward to your radio program every week. I would like to know your views on seasonality. I have some junior gold and silver Canadian miners that appear to always drop in price in the summer. What do you think about selling in the summer and buying back in 4-6 months; and, what indicators would you use?




I listen to your program every week, keep up with the great job!


Love your show. I listen every week.



Hey Chris

Love the shows, love the guests, and really enjoy the world related

Donald W.

Aloha Chris,

Please include me in your list.


Kenneth N.


I was listening to a radio broadcast that was made in Oct of '06. A Exchange Traded Fund in the Energy Sector was discussed. Apparently it held oil and natural gas and gave a dividend of 10%. Do you remember which one it was?

Thanks ALLOT!


Hello Peter - I just heard for the first time your GoldSeek radio show. Very
well done! Congratulations.

Chris Waltzek does a terrific job..

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I pop by daily and look forward to the Sunday audio broadcast its is so well done and very informative, the stuff of imagination and preparation to be sure, completely intellectual! Thanks for your hard work, your Sunday show makes my week. I'm wondering when your " Trend Following " book will be finished as I look forward to gaining knowledge thru your guidance,

Thank you for your time and consideration



You mentioned in the 12/30/06 radio show that you had a website in which individuals could buy 90% silver coins. I would appreciate you sending the site to my email address. Thank you for all you do! Your show is an inspiration to me as I look forward eagerly each week to hear the commentary!!

Robert Y.

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From Lima Peru, I would like to be added to Chris's free Spotlight Pick e-mail list.


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I listened to the program today, you have a good program.

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What role, if any, do silver dollars play in a
portfolio going forward, long term ?

Love the show.

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Jeff K.

Thanks for sharing with me what your goldseek radio picks are.

A A E.


I did own this at one time and consider it a well run company. My concern is the exposure to So. America and the rise of socialist even in Peru. Will consider again. Love your radio show.

Thanks Again -

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I thought I was added a couple of weeks ago but I only received that weeks info. Please add me again and I really enjoy your show .

Thanks and merry Christmas

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Thank you for responding so quickly and personally. I really enjoy your show and can't wait to listen on the web site as it becomes available each week. I wish that your show was carried locally on one of our AM stations. I believe as time progresses, your show and like shows, if they are out there, will really be critical in helping the general public better manage their financial situation, understand gold in their future, and weather the sure to arrive financial problems. No need to respond to this email because I am certain that you have much to do but please Keep up the good work and informative show.

Your Certain Listener -

Tom M.


You did an unbelievable job getting so many subjects in front of Jim Sinclair. I thought I understood what he was saying by reading his website every day over the past two years, getting his CD, etc. But your intervie wwith him brought out so many more details.


Paul R.

G’Day Chris – still here, and still listening.
Man I loved your interview with Richard Daughty.. What a character… Pls get him back on the air as soon as possible.. hell, create a new Podcast just for this guy… I was in stitches.. not only is he on the money, but he’s one hell of an entertainer!

Cheers mate…


Hi Chris,

I really enjoy your show and I haven't missed it since I first heardabout it a couple of months ago. Admittedly, I know very little aboutthe silver market even though I have invested in it recently. Your showhelps me to become better educated on the subject and really helps thebulls out there keep their nerve in a volatile market. I noticed thatyou don't have the esteemed silver enthusiast Theodore Butler in yourarchived shows and I was wondering if you would consider having him onin the future. His writings are posted at think he would be a great guest and provide useful insights for silverinvestors.

Thanks again for the great program.

Rob C., Pusan, South Korea.

Enjoyed this week's RadioSeek. Brown was interesting as to his comments to the likelihood of pm confiscation. What is not being discussed in the gold/silver investor mainstream isthe more likelihood that regulation and taxation is the gerater threatespecially thru the additional regulatory guidelines that can be imposedon coin dealers.It's all outlined in US Treasury regulations.If all the gold/silver selling outlets are regulated out of business whowill the gold/silver investor buy and sell to???

Thx for keeping this question in mind for future guests.

Bill. R.

Hello Chris,

I really enjoy your shows.

Thanks, Jon

I do enjoy listening to the Podcast of your program each week.

Keep up the great service with the radio show!

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Robert W.

Loved the show - even the parts that I don't deal in - cause hearing about them does give one insight into how things work and why metal prices are affected - especially the new segment and Bob, of course. 90 mins is a bit long but it did fly by! My wife listens over my shoulder, as it were, and she thought it was a fast 90 mins too!!

Mr. H.

Hi Chris,

What a great program your Gold & Silver Review is.

I love your radio show and look forward to it every weekend.

I would really appreciate your telling me what the opening theme song is please. Sounds like really great music.

Thanks in anticipation and for a really fantastic Gold & Silver Review .


Chris R.

The content of the show is great. Production could be improved though. I very much enjoyed the interviews with Jim Willie and David Morgan. both are extremely articulate and insightful.

Excellent stuff right on the money. i told everyone i knew rent stay out of real estate. buy fine art, decorative arts, gold and silver three years ago while simpletons (the drug addicts on the new drug) were buying real estate like fools. we know what is going to happen - and it isn't going to be pretty.

but for those of us on this track? that see the reality of it all? wow beautiful.

keep up the great work.


I very much appreciate the knowledge your show passes along to listeners likemyself. I know I will be much more prepared mentally and financially for someof the tough times that lie ahead by listening to experts like you and yourguests.



You have great guests and technical analysis though, which is why I take the trouble to manually download.

Thanks for the effort you put into this.


Hi Chris -Your well prepared show on radio.goldseek is thoroughand enjoyable. Keep up the great work!My question regards finding quality junior gold andsilver stocks worth investing in. Since many of thesecompanies trade either on the Vancouver exchange, andpink sheets how can I evaluate them easily for their resources, float, and prospects? There seems to be noother way then looking at each company website becausethere is no research/comparison from stock houses likeSchwab, eTrade, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Mark S.
Atlanta Georgia

Your website is very good. God Bless !!!

Gary S.

Dear Mr. Waltzek,

Thank you!


Norman B.

I have listened with interest to some of the postings on yoursilverinvestor.blogspot. I find your guests to be well chosen experts. I have beensomething of a "gold bug" for a couple of years now, but you have been influentialin increasing my interest in silver recently. Thanks for the excellent work youhave been doing. BTW, one feature of your online interviews that I particularlylike is the habit that you have of summarizing at the end the main points yourguests have made.



In reference to your radio program, I find it outstanding. The guests you have in the recent past are right on the money. I cannot wait for the next show to see who your guest will be.

Thank you

Gerry D.

"Just want to take a moment to let you know I look forward to listening to your goldseek radio program every weekend now.
You have the best guests in the industry and have taken over as my top choice for weekend radio listening pleasure.

I thought the Dr. Who intro music was great too!

Best wishes,

Joe P.
Sacramento, CA"

"The Mogombo Rules !!!


P.S. Your recent interview with Ron Brown was excellent."

Hi Chris,

Fan of the show.


Chris V.

"But how did you know I am a huge Dr Who fan!Got them all on DVD, all the radio shows too...and got the new seasons (yes, both)!

Mr. H.

"Hey Chris,

Listening to your show as I write, and I wanted to say a quick "thanks!" for providing such a great service. I even enjoy your musical taste, KLF today wasn't it?

Good stuff from Bob Chapman (I think) today, too, in terms of talking about money supply and interest rates as being important. It does seem that the vast majority of commentary circles around interest rates, and M3 expansion hardly ever gets mentioned...seems to me the realistic interest rates are M3 minus quoted interest rates, which would give the US, what, minus 7 or 8%? Don't hear much talk about the $ carry trade, though! Where did his golf comment come from?? That was very out of the blue!

Looking forward to the MoGu coming up! I wonder how many listeners you an interesting stat to quote as the gold bull gallops.







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