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November 11th, Show Highlights:

*Bob Chapman returns this week, refreshed from his vacation and ready to tackle the market fundamentals and listeners questions. Bob is expecting gold to surge to $850 and silver to $20. Next, Jack Chan and Gary Kaltbaum review the charts for market clues. Jack's service remains bullish on gold and the commodities market. Gary agrees with jack, noting the recent strength in the oil stock sector and precious metals. The first hour wraps up with a new stock picking segment, Goldseek Radios spotlight pick of the week.

*In the second hour, my featured guest delves into the underpinnings of the commodities bull market. Steven B. Lord has an impressive investing track record. He's currently the Chief Investment Strategist for the Trend Investment Group, an advisory service. When Steve talks about the markets, people listen. That's why its great to know that he's a big fan of the gold, silver and the energy sectors. You won't want to miss Steve's market outlook.

- The Trend Investment Group:

Steven B. Lord

Steven B. Lord is a respected analyst, editor and publisher of investment-related publications. He is founder and Chief Investment Strategist of The Trend Investment Group, which is launching a family of investment advisory services in the next few months.

Lord, a contributing editor to the Taipan Group’s Dynamic Market Alert daily e-letter, brings a wealth of experience, having held leadership positions in both asset management and investment publishing both here and abroad. Most recently, he has served as editor of Leeb Group’s Emerging Investments, dedicated to smaller capitalization and international investments, contributing editor to The Complete Investor, and member of Leeb Capital Management’s Investment Policy Committee.

In addition, Lord was a partner in New York-based L.M. Waterhouse, where he personally advised the founder of discount brokerage giant TD Waterhouse on a broad range of investment-related matters.

Lord joined L.M. Waterhouse from Florida, where he was publisher of the prestigious Dick Davis Publishing Company - one of the oldest and most respected investment newsletter companies in the country. At Dick Davis, Lord introduced internal financial and management controls while also editing, producing and marketing the company’s publications, including the Financial Newsletter Network and the Editor’s Roundtable series of pioneering online investment conferences.

Lord’s extensive international experience comes from a position with Bernecker & Cie GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, which he held for seven years following graduation with a business degree from the University of Vermont. Joining Bernecker as an analyst, Lord rose to the rank of Editor – U.S. Markets, and was ultimately responsible for all U.S. market recommendations made by the firm across 17 investment titles in three languages and 50 nations. While there, he also co-founded the first independent discount brokerage operation in Germany and launched Bernecker’s private portfolio advisory service (now called StockGuard).

Lord has served as an expert witness for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and was a syndicated columnist for Knight Ridder Tribune for several years. He has lectured at Harvard Medical School’s Annual Congress on the Psychology of Investing, and his comprehensive knowledge of global equities, economics, derivatives and currencies have made him a sought-after commentator on the markets in national radio, TV and print venues.

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