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January 20th, Show Highlights:


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1st Hour:

* This weeks top market headlines.

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* Bob Chapman and Chris Waltzek discuss the top news items affecting the markets and answer listeners questions.

* Market technicians Jack Singer & Jack Chan.


2nd Hour:

* 1st featured guest: Dan Solin.

* 2nd featured guest: Peter Grandich.

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- Grandich Publications, LLC.:

Peter Grandich

With no formal education or training, Peter Grandich entered Wall Street and within three years was appointed Vice President of Investment Strategy for a leading New York Stock Exchange member firm. He was the editor and publisher of four investment newsletters, and appeared on national TV and radio over 400 times.

Labeled the Wall Street Whiz Kid, Grandich gained national notoriety by being among the very few who not only forecasted the 1987 stock market crash just weeks before it happened, but on the very next day he predicted that within a year the market would reach a new all-time high – which it did. Proving his 1987 forecast was no fluke, Mr. Grandich said in January 2000 that the year 2000 will go down as the year the great mega bull market of the 80s and 90s came to an end.

He speaks at numerous major investment conferences worldwide and was awarded Best Speaker Award eight times by the International Investors Conferences.

Grandich is the founder and managing member of Grandich Publications, LLC. Grandich Publications publishes The Grandich Letter, North of the Border and The Blue Chip & Income Report. First published in 1984, The Grandich Letter provides commentary on the mining and metals markets. North of the Border is a web-based newsletter, providing commentary on Canadian investments from an American point of view. The Blue Chip & Income Report is a web-based newsletter, providing commentary on the world's markets and economies. Click here to view recent alerts. Click here for subscription information. In addition, the company also provides a variety of services to publicly-held corporations on a compensation basis.

He is also co-founder of Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Co., a financial services firm with a Christian perspective. Trinity serves the public-at-large and has a unique Pro Sports Division that assists athletes and entertainers in the creation and management of wealth.

In addition, Grandich is a member of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants, and a long-standing member of The New York Society of Security Analysts and The Society of Quantitative Analysts. He is a Certified Elder Planning Specialist and is listed in the National Registry of Elder Planning Advisors.



- Dan Solin:

The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read

Dan Solin is a leading securities arbitration lawyer and a principal in Academic Wealth Management, LLP, a Registered Investment Advisor ( He is also the author of Does Your Broker Owe You Money? (Perigee Books, 2006). Solin has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC's Weekend Economic Review, CNN's Money, and Bloomberg Television, and is a frequent speaker on investment-related topics. He has testified before a congressional subcommittee investigating the fairness of the mandatory arbitration system imposed by the securities industry on all investors.


Other works by Dan Solin – Does Your Broker Owe You Money?


- Jack Singer PhC:

The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read

Investment Strategies
Jack specializes in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Mutual Funds. Investments are chosen after the careful analyses of the fundamentals of companies. Fundamental analysis tells him WHAT to buy while Technical analysis tells him WHEN to buy or sell. Investments in Mutual Funds are chosen using his "MOM INVESTING" strategy that ranks all funds based on their internal relative performance.

Jack qualified as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (PhC) at Chelsea School of Pharmacy, in London, England in 1956. He completed many investment courses both in South Africa and in Canada over the past 30 years and has close to 50 years of business experience.

Jack practiced as a Pharmacist in South Africa from 1958 to 1985. During this period he served as a branch manager of South African Druggists Ltd. He left them to purchase and develop a chain of Pharmacies. He soon went on to property development, construction and financial leasing.

He retired in 1985. Six months later he was writing a daily investment newsletter for a major South African investment firm. He then became a Futures and Options trader; a Chartist in the research department of prominent Stockbrokers in Johannesburg; and the Editor/owner of the Temkin and Moon newsletter on stock market investment. Retirement was left behind. In 1993 he became an Investment Advisor in Canada.

When not at his desk Jack can be found at home either working on his new book on Day Trading Strategies, or on the golf course. He has written and published a book of short stories about South Africa called Brakenstroom. He is a keen gardener and enjoys a glass of fine scotch with friends, especially in his beautiful garden at sundown. Do feel free to join him.

Jack’s Philosophy.
Working hard and smart provides a high degree of excellence in investment and analytical strategies, from which you can choose the best to suit your personal preferences. With charts and comments, he can show you where he believes the market could trend in the future.

Whether you are a business owner or close to retirement,
you need the experience of someone who has been there.
Spend some time with Jack and you may want to be a part of his family of clients.


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Vancouver, BC, V7X 1C4
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